Caroline Watson

About Caroline Watson

Hi, my name is Caroline Watson, and Maltese poodles have been in my family for generations. They are part of the family lineage and go everywhere with us. They are the most comfortable dogs in the world!

When I said we’re taking them everywhere, I meant it. We take them everywhere – from camping trips to family dinners. 

They are always happy and ready for an adventure. We love our Maltese poodles and wouldn’t want it any other way!

My family, as I mentioned, and I live in Seattle. Just me, my two sisters, and my old folks. We live in the middle of the city ever since I can remember. My father bought this house as he dreamt it would be a forever home.

I never really thought living with 4 Maltese Poodles was a big deal until I talked to some of my friends who don’t have dogs – they were so jealous!

Our Maltese poodles get their exercise from running around the house and playing in the yard. We all love spending time together, and our four-legged friends are always nearby.

Maltese poodles bring a lot of joy and laughter to my family, and they make every day brighter. They truly are members of the family.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to share my love of these adorable pooches with others. I’ve been lucky enough to have met some amazing people who are just as passionate about Maltese poodles as I am and even luckier to share my love for them with you!

My family and I are committed to giving our poodles the best life possible, full of love and adventure! We can’t imagine our lives without them – they truly make each day brighter and more fun.

I hope you will like the content I will share about the exciting lives of Maltese Poodles doggies!

Until the next post,

Caroline Watson

A Maltese poodle enthusiastic