6 Best Maltese Poodle Hair Bows (To Make Your Pet Attractive)

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Has your Maltese Poodle hair outgrown, interfering with her activities and movements? Perhaps you enjoy touching that long hair, and you don’t wish to give it a cut. Getting the best Maltese Poodle hair bow will drive all your worries away. 

We’ve explored and handpicked some of the best hair bows for your Maltipoo puppy. Depending on your budget, go through the listing to determine the best hair bows for your Maltese Poodle puppy.

Best Maltese Poodle Hair Bows – Our Top 6 Picks.

1. Best Overall: Pet Show 20pcs Small Hair Bows

Pet Show provides you with 20 pieces of hair bows in a pack. Some of these pieces have matching pairs that will enable you to bow tie their ears, tails, and collars. You can also match the female and the male puppies.

The dog hair bows come in different sizes for small, medium, and large hair cuts. The hair bows are also made of a high-quality ribbon with elastic rubber bands that allow them to stretch. 

These hair bows are durable and lightweight, with shiny rhinestones and faux pearl beads in front of the hair bow. It will make your pet more fashionable and beautiful and can be used as gifts during photo shoots and picnics.

2. Best Durable: The Thoughtful Brand 50 Pcs Dog Bows 

The thoughtful brand has 50 pieces of hair bows that will help you tuck your puppy’s hair. These hair bows have a paw-fiction design with their grooming bands looping through a sewn-in ribbon to keep the hair bow intact during photo shoots and when the puppy is playing. 

Additionally, these hair bows are handmade quality made of Oeko- Tex material that is elastic and durable to fit any size of hair cuts and will also last long. They also come in different colors and patterns to make your dog look gorgeous.

The bows will enhance your dog’s sassy look and come with a comb that demats your dog’s hair for a healthy look.

3. Best for Thick Hair: Yaka 60 Pcs Bows

Yaka provides 60 pieces of Maltipoo hair bows, 30 pairs, with 30 colors. You can hold one with the hair and place one at the collar or ears of your puppy. Furthermore, you can also use these hair bows to hold your kid’s hair and match it with the puppy.

It’s made of handmade ribbons with a stainless steel alligator that holds the hair tight and keeps it from falling. The hair clip can fit small, medium, and big hair cuts, so you don’t have to buy extra bows.

It’s best for Maltipoos with thick hair, and you need to be extra careful when removing the clip bow to avoid hurting your pet.

4. Best for Long Hair: Chenkou Craft New Handmade Bows 

Chenkou Craft New provides 40 pieces of hair bows making 20 pairs of different colors. These different colors and designs will help you color your Maltese Poodle in different styles for photo shoots and make them look beautiful for any occasion.

Additionally, the New handmade hair bows are made from a satin ribbon with an elastic rubber band to enable them to fit different sizes of hair cuts. The hair bow is also durable, which makes it last longer. 

5. Best Print: Masue Pets 50 Pcs in Pairs Dog Bows 

Masue Pets come in 50 pieces with 25 pairs of average colors and different designs and patterns. The designs will enable you to groom your pet in different styles to fit different occasions.

Their handmade hair bows are made of nylon with a ribbon and rubber band that will fit in different sizes of haircuts. The backside material is also soft and comfortable to ensure the hair bow doesn’t harm your Maltese Poodle.

The material used to make the hair bows are environmentally friendly and thus safe for you, your family, and your puppies. You can also use these bowknots to hold your kid’s hair.  

6. Best for Small Puppies: Mewtogo 30pcs Dog Bows

The Mewtogo hair bows come in 30 pieces with 15 pairs of different colors, designs, and patterns. These will enable you to get varieties of styles for your Maltese Poodle. You will also groom him to fit the occasion and make your pet more attractive. 

The size of this hair bow is 1.8*0.8 inches, which is only suitable for small pets. They have a ribbon and a rubber band that will outstretch to hold your pet’s hair tight to ensure it does not loosen and distract it when moving around and playing.


Check the list above to find some of the best Maltese Poodle hair bows that meet your budget and need and free your pets from the distractions of outgrown hair and make them more attractive.

Remember to clean the dog’s hair using the best detangling and conditioning shampoo to keep it odorless and scratch-free.

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