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Do you own a maltipoo, or are you thinking of getting one? One of the questions doggie owners ask most is whether their pet can swim. If that’s something that has been on your mind too, then we have all the answers for you! Whether they’re short-haired or long-haired varieties, it turns out that not only can Maltipoos swim but also love to splash in the water!

Are Maltipoos natural swimmers?

Maltipoos, the popular designer breed of toy Poodle and Maltese, are quite the spectacle in the water. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to their swimming abilities, with proper training, many Maltipoos can develop a taste for swimming and do so decisively. 

Whether you’re helping them learn how to use a canine life jacket or just looking to have some poolside fun, Maltipoos prove to be sturdy aquatic companions in their own right. 

As always with any pet parent, safety should come first, but with patience and confidence your pup can become an excellent and intrepid swimmer.

How does Maltipoos react to water?

Maltipoos have a unique relationship with water! Most Toy and Miniature Poodles love swimming, which is passed down to their hybrid children. Maltipoos enjoy splashing in the pool or playing with a hose just as much as their purebred parent breeds. 

Some owners even claim that bath time for their poofy pooches can be a fun affair since many Maltipoos that receive regular baths become quite fond of the process itself. Not only do lots of Maltipoos react positively to water, but some are also actually known to find it quite calming. 

Whether playing in the pool or taking a stroll on the beach, this hybrid breed loves to spend time in the water and they often surprise their owners with how well they take to H2O!

Can Maltipoos swim in deep water?

Maltipoos can swim in deep water, but owners should exercise caution before doing so. Deep waters can be daunting for some dogs and owners should gradually increase their pup’s exposure to the water based on its comfort level. 

Introducing swimming in short and shallow sessions first is a wise move before venturing into deep waters. Owners can take extra precautions so that their Maltipoo feels safer, like fitting them with a life vest or having treats/toys nearby for reassurance. Swimming can be a wonderful activity for these dogs as they are energetic and intelligent, but safety must be prioritized above all else.

Does Maltipoos need to be taught to swim?

Maltipoos are the perfect size for swimming. They are small and have a natural curiosity, making them ideal for small or even large pools. But do they need to be taught to swim? 

Yes, some training is recommended as with any animal. It’s best to introduce your Maltipoo to the pool in a slow, controlled manner. Begin by spending time in shallow water with your Maltipoo so they can get used to the sensation of being in the water and understand that it’s safe. 

When they become more comfortable, you can gradually move into deeper waters and make sure they understand how to paddle to keep themselves afloat. With patience and practice, you’ll soon have a swimming expert.

Is Maltipoos at risk of drowning?

Maltipoos, the energetic and affectionate toy breed of the Cockapoo, is at risk when it comes to drowning due to their size and lack of experience around bodies of water. 

Because Maltipoos do not generally have waterproof coats, they cannot easily swim in large bodies of water like lakes or rivers. Furthermore, since they are smaller than average breeds, they can often be more vulnerable in strong currents and undertows than larger breeds. 

As a result, owners need to exercise extra caution with their Maltipoo near pools and other standing bodies of water. Safety measures such as using properly fitting life jackets can help ensure your Maltipoo remains safe while swimming.

How can I teach my Maltipoo to swim?

Teaching your Maltipoo to swim can be a fun and rewarding experience. The key is to go slow – don’t expect them to just jump in the pool right out of the gate! Start by introducing your Maltipoo to shallow water and make sure it feels comfortable. 

Let them splash around and get used to the feeling of being in the pool before you ever pick them up and dip them into deeper water. Distractions like treats or toys can help keep their attention while they’re getting used to the feeling of swimming. 

As they begin to take steps towards swimming, use praise and rewards as positive reinforcement. With enough practice, patience, and lots of love, soon your little puppy will be making a splash!

Can Maltipoos swim in a pool?

Maltipoos are undeniably adorable little dogs, and their popularity has been soaring in recent years. But can they swim in a pool? The answer is yes! Despite their small size, Maltipoos usually have no problem staying afloat in the water – mostly because of their excessive fur that tends to keep them well-insulated! 

Generally speaking, Maltipoos are quite fond of getting into the water and they enjoy playing around in shallow parts of a pool. Nonetheless, it’s always best to keep an eye on your pup while letting them paddle around so that they don’t tire themselves out too quickly or stumble into a deeper part of the pool. 

With enough swim lessons and plenty of parental supervision, Maltipoo owners should have no issue allowing their furry friend to join in on some summer family fun!


Ultimately, the answer to whether or not a Maltipoo can swim depends on the individual dog. While they may not be as well-suited for swimming as other breeds such as Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds, with proper training and a comfortable environment, Maltipoos can learn how to take the plunge. They may also have fun playing in shallow water! That said, make sure you closely monitor your Maltipoo’s progress and never force them into swimming if they appear uncomfortable doing so.

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