Cavapoo Vs Maltipoo: Which “Poo” To Choose?

cavapoo vs maltipoo

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Cavapoos and Maltipoos are two of the most popular “designer dogs” on the market today. But which one is right for you?

When choosing between a Cavapoo and a Maltipoo, cost, and size are two important factors to keep in mind.  The decision of whether to get a Cavapoo or a Maltipoo comes down to personal preferences and budget. Cavapoos may cost more upfront, but they may be the better choice for families who want a low-maintenance pet with a long lifespan.

cavapoo vs maltipoo

Meet The Maltipoo

They are the breed that existed from the 1750s until the 1970s, but the Maltese dog wasn’t often admired. During the last decade, they surpassed their peers.

In the end, breeding these dogs meant having a happy puppy that didn’t shed or cause allergy symptoms to them. Maltipoo puppies are mainly bred from adult Maltese or puppy genetics and are among the sweetest dogs that you will ever meet.

An affectionate and fun designer breed that combines Maltese friendliness with intelligent toy Poodle. Maltipoos are highly sensitive animals inheriting traits of both parent breeds.

Meet The Cavapoo

Cavapoos were first bred in the 1940s as popular designer pets. Originally the animals have come from Australia which was their origin nation.

cavapoo vs maltipoo

Cavapoo or Cavoodles are hybrid dogs, a mixture of a Poodle or a Cavalier. It’s bigger than the poodle toys but it has morphological similarities primarily to Cavalier’s fur types.

It can range from smooth to fluffy. Nevertheless, these dogs are considered hypoallergenic. Cavapoos are very popular because of their friendship and are perfect pets for a home and family, especially for young children and families with other pets.

Cavapoos Vs Maltipoos: Main Differences

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between these two popular hybrid dog mixes:

Coat: Both Cavapoos and Maltipoos have hypoallergenic coats that don’t shed much. That means both can be your cute cuddly dogs.

However, Cavapoos usually have a slightly longer and more curly coat, while Maltipoos tend to have a softer, wavier coat. So if you’re looking for a dog with a particular type of coat, either could be a good choice.

Temperament: Cavapoos are known for being friendly, loving, and intelligent dogs. They make for a great family pet and do well with children. Maltese dogs are also known for being sweet and affectionate, but they can sometimes be more independent than Cavapoos.

So if you’re looking for a small dog breed that will be very attached to you, a Cavapoo may be the better choice. You can get them from various Cavapoo breeders.

cavapoo vs maltipoo

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Grooming: How Much Do They Require?

Both the Cavapoo and Maltipoo are low-shedding dogs and have similar grooming requirements. Both dog breeds have hairs that need trimming frequently.

However, Maltese hairs grow faster in general and require less trimming on average. This is better for dog owners who are not accustomed to dogs or to the treatment of dogs that have hair.

Maltese actually tend to have bigger wrinkles and folds around their faces and noses. It doesn’t matter which dog you have, it is always about keeping them well groomed and providing regular cleaning.

What Is The Difference Between Cavapoo And Maltipoo’s Lifespan?

Cavalpas’ age is about 10-13 years, while Maltipoos live between 13-15 years. The Maltese breed has a long lifespan and is a hybrid that has these traits on both sides.

cavapoo vs maltipoo

Crossbreeds are known by their genetic characteristics, called “hybrid vigor”. Hybrids are generally healthier than purebreds. Purebred dogs are often bred with the same lines of blood and have the same genetic disease. True mix breed life expectancy is even more important because hybrids have higher life expectancy than purebreds.

Cavapoo Vs Maltipoo Training

Both Cavapoos and Maltipoos are intelligent, eager to please, and relatively easy to train. However, there are some important differences to keep in mind when choosing between the two breeds.

Cavapoos tend to be more lively and energetic than Maltipoos, making them better suited for active families. Cavapoos also typically have a lower tolerance for loneliness, so they may not do well if left alone for long periods of time.

In contrast, Maltipoos tend to be more laid-back and relaxed, making them better suited for calm households. Maltipoos also typically have a higher tolerance for loneliness, so they may do better if left alone for extended periods of time.

cavapoo vs maltipoo

Training The Puppies

When it comes to training, both Cavapoos and Maltipoos are highly intelligent and easy-to-train doodle breeds. However, Cavapoos may require more patience and consistency due to their high energy levels, while Maltipoos may require more repetition due to their laid-back nature. Ultimately, the best breed for you will depend on your lifestyle and training preferences.

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo: Other Factors To Consider


Cavapoos and Maltipoos are both relatively affordable dog breeds. Cavapoos tend to be slightly more expensive than Maltipoos, with the average price range for Cavapoos falling between $1,000 and $2,500. However, both Cavapoos and Maltipoos are generally less expensive than purebred dogs.


Cavapoos have a coat that is less likely to mat and tangle, making them easier to groom. They also require less frequent bathing than Maltipoo puppies. However, Cavapoos do require more regular brushing to prevent their coat from getting tangled.

Maltipoos have a coat that is more likely to mat and tangle, making them more difficult to groom. They also require more frequent bathing than Cavapoos. However, Maltipoos do not require as much regular brushing as Cavapoos.

cavapoo vs maltipoo


Cavapoos are typically more active than Maltipoos, and they need more exercise and mental stimulation. Cavapoos also tend to be more sociable, while Maltipoos can be more independent. As a result, Cavapoos may be better suited for families with young children or active households, while Maltipoos may be better suited for calm households or those with older children.

Ultimately, the best way to decide which breed is right for you is to meet with Cavapoo and Maltipoo breeders and spend time with each type of dog to see which personality best fits your lifestyle. Both Cavapoos and Maltipoos are great small dogs, but hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choice!

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