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Do you worry about leaving your maltipoo home alone? Are they constantly following you around, waiting for reassurance and attention? While all dogs can suffer from separation anxiety to some extent, maltipoos are especially prone. Separation anxiety in maltipoos can manifest itself in various ways and recognizing the signs early on is your first step to managing this condition.

What are the signs of separation anxiety in Maltipoos?

Maltipoos are relatively new breeds of dogs, but they come with a range of temperament traits just like any other type of pet. One common behavior that can be an issue for these pups is separation anxiety, which if left untreated can lead to further problems in their overall well-being. 

Being aware of the signs of separation anxiety in Maltipoos will help owners feel prepared to handle them if/when it occurs. These could include excessive barking or vocalizing when left alone, lack of appetite, destructive or aggressive behaviors, and frequent urination and defecation inside. 

It’s important for owners to be patient and understanding if their Maltipoo exhibits any of these behaviors – with proper care and treatment, dogs with this issue can learn to become comfortable and content when separated from their families.

How to train a Maltipoo to prevent separation anxiety?

Training a Maltipoo to prevent separation anxiety is no small feat – but it is possible! Separation anxiety can occur when you are away from your pup for long periods or routinely. 

Start by providing your Malta with plenty of healthy chewing alternatives, such as Kongs or chew toys. For the first few weeks that you are introducing your Malt to being independent you, ignore them when they start to become vocal and avoid picking them up if they jump on your lap. 

This way it reinforces in their heads that vocalizing won’t get them what they want. In addition, make sure to give them exercise – this will not only help tire them out but also get rid of their excess energy, making relaxation easier for them. 

Lastly, provide comfort objects like blankets and stuffed animals so they feel more secure when left alone. With consistency and patience, you can potty train your pup in no time!

Can separation anxiety be cured in Maltipoos?

Separation anxiety can be a real issue for Maltipoos, but there is hope! Training and environmental changes are the keys to helping your pup get over separation anxiety. 

It’s important to start their training as soon as possible so their anxious behavior won’t become ingrained. Start by teaching them the “go to bed” command, or create a special retreat spot just for them, like a quiet corner in the house. To improve the environment of your home, remove sources of stress that may evoke anxiousness and reward calm behavior with positive reinforcement. 

With patience and consistency, you can help your pup become more relaxed when alone; in fact, many Maltipoos have been able to overcome this issue!

Does Maltipoos need medication for separation anxiety?

Many pet owners encounter some form of separation anxiety when they leave their Maltipoos alone. Fortunately, most breeds can cope with being alone without requiring medication. 

Training is key in these situations; teaching your pup how to stay calm during periods of being separated can help mitigate symptoms of stress or anxiety. If things seem to be getting out of hand, there may be a need for stronger measures such as behavior modification and in some cases, medications can be prescribed to help a Maltipoo better manage its emotions. 

It’s important for any pet guardians looking for more information about this concern to check in with their local veterinarian so the best approach can be agreed upon on an individual basis.

What are the causes of separation anxiety in Maltipoos?

Separation anxiety can be a major issue in Maltipoos. It’s one of the most commonly reported behavioral problems in this breed, so it’s important to understand its causes so that owners can create effective plans to prevent and manage it. 

Separation anxiety is usually triggered by changes like moving houses, an owner leaving for a holiday, or a change in routine. It can also be brought on by other things like loud noises or unexpected visitors. 

Certain personality traits among Maltipoos make them particularly prone to developing separation anxiety, such as being very attached and dependent from an early age or having difficulty adapting when their owner has to depart. 

If your Maltipoo suffers from separation anxiety, actively engaging with them whenever you can and—where possible—creating a regular and predictable environment for them can make all the difference.

How long can Maltipoos be left alone?

Maltipoos are incredibly loyal, affectionate, and loving dogs that don’t like to be apart from their families. But how long can they be left alone? Although Maltipoos will always enjoy your company more than being alone, it’s not a problem for them to be home on their own for a reasonable amount of time. 

Generally speaking, Maltipoos can acceptably stay at home unattended for several hours at once, as long as they have plenty of food and water, access to the bathroom, and toys or bones to chew while they wait for you. 

Once the Maltipoo is comfortable in the environment and has had ample puppy-training sessions, they may even look forward to short periods of alone time!


All in all, Maltipoos are a great breed of pup that can provide you with lots of fun and joy. While they may be prone to separation anxiety if not trained properly, as long-time owners know, there are many methods of positive reinforcement and training techniques you can use to lessen the effects. With the proper knowledge and dedication, any Maltipoo owner can be well-equipped to work on reducing their pup’s separation anxiety. Beyond that, you’ll develop strong bonds with your four-legged loved one and both will love each other for years to come.

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