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If you own a Maltipoo, you know they are bundles of affection and joy. These playful little dogs often cuddle up to their owners whenever possible. But do Maltipoos like to cuddle? After all, not every dog is cut out for snuggles! In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into whether or not your pup enjoys being hugged and giving hugs themselves!

Are Maltipoos affectionate dogs?

Maltipoos are a popular poodle-maltese mix of dogs, and they’re renowned for being incredibly sweet and affectionate. Whether you need cuddles or an entertaining playmate, these little doggos are always up for the job! 

They can quickly become devoted to their owners and crave love and attention. In return, you get lots of wiggles, happy snuggles, and kisses – a perfect way to brighten your day! If you’re looking for a loyal companion with plenty of love to give, then a maltipoo might just be the pup for you. 

Does Maltipoos enjoy being held?

Maltipoos are known for being extremely lovable, so it is no surprise that they love to be cuddled and held close. They have a playful, affectionate personalities and usually never turn down the chance for physical contact. 

These little dogs tend to form strong bonds with their owners and may even become jealous when their favorite human spends time with another pet. Holding them can be an enjoyable experience as these intelligent creatures will often show you through snuggles and tail wags just how much they appreciate this special time together.

Can Maltipoo be lap dogs?

Maltipoo, a hybrid created by crossing Maltese and Poodles, are popular companion dogs. Though they come in small sizes and look like cutesy lapdogs, they need far more than that to stay happy and healthy. 

Exercise is essential for them since they tend to get easily stressed and bored. Walks, playtime with toys or other pets, agility games – all these activities help keep their mind and body energized. 

Maltipoos require positive reinforcement-based obedience training for a  better understanding of commands and a stronger bond with their owners. When trained properly, Maltipoos can be great lap dogs as long as you combine this with enough physical activity!

Does Maltipoos need a lot of attention?

Maltipoos are considered to be “Velcro dogs” since they tend to form intense bonds with their owners and crave their attention. These little pooches will usually follow you around the house and even try to jump into your lap when you sit down. 

Maltipoos often suffer from separation anxiety, so it is important that they get plenty of affection and attention to keep them happy. While these dogs don’t need constant cuddles, they should have around four to five hours of quality time with their owners each day. So if you’re looking for a loving companion, the Maltipoo might be the pup for you!

How often does Maltipoos like to cuddle?

Maltipoos are renowned for their affectionate nature and loving disposition. They love to cuddle, but not all the time. What’s more important to them is consistent human connection and contact – like regular petting and scratching behind the ears. 

Cuddling should be kept as a special treat when your Maltipoo has behaved particularly well or needs a little extra comfort or reassurance. Keeping it as an occasional reward will make it much more meaningful for your furry companion. 

As such, touching base with your Maltipoo every day is key – this establishes strong bonds of strong trust and attachment that go much further than any cuddle session could ever do. Maltipoos are incredibly loving and affectionate dogs. They love to cuddle and be held close, but they need more than that to feel secure and fulfilled in life. With the right environment, consistent human contact, plenty of exercises, and positive reinforcement-based training – your Maltipoo will soon become the loyal companion you always dreamed of! So go ahead and give those puppy kisses – it’s sure to make your pup’s day!

Does Maltipoos like to sleep with their owners?

Maltipoos, the designer crossbreed of a Toy Poodle and a Maltese, have multiple adorable characteristics that are hard to ignore. One endearing quality shared by most Maltipoos is the strong bond they form with their humans. 

If you’re wondering if your furry companion enjoys snuggling up with you during your nighttime routine, the answer is most likely yes! While some little fur babies may prefer their own space for sleeping, most Maltipoos enjoy cuddling with their family and feel safe nearby. 

In addition to feeling secure under the blankets, your precious pup likely sees it as an opportunity to show affection and gratitude for being part of such an amazing family.

Can Maltipoo be trained to cuddle more?

Maltipoos are known to be very affectionate, so it can be a great delight when they cuddle up with their owners. If you have a Maltipoo that doesn’t appear to love cuddling as much as you’d wish, don’t worry: they can be trained to show more affection in this way! 

Training should involve positive reinforcement techniques such as verbal approval and tasty treats; it’s also useful to set aside dedicated time each day for playtime and cuddles. 

Additionally, giving your pup toys that they can easily snuggle up with will help them get the idea. With patience, consistency, and lots of love, your Maltipoo won’t just learn to cuddle more – they may even become a little demanding of their snuggle sessions!


Maltipoo dogs do enjoy cuddling, especially when it’s with their beloved owners. However, these dogs also require adequate mental and physical stimulation for the overall health of both the mind and body. Whether it be playtime together in the backyard or a long walk down the street, try to give your pup plenty of enrichment throughout the day so they have the energy to curl up in your lap at night. After all, what could be better than having a sweet friend who loves nothing more than showering you with affection? The bond between you and your Maltipoo can truly be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

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