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Are you the proud owner of a maltipoo? Like all dogs, these furry little pooches need exercise to stay fit and healthy. But how much walking does a maltipoo specifically require? Well, keep reading if you want to find out! We’ll cover everything from how your pup’s activity level may change based on its age, size, and personality to tips on getting started with active playtime routines.

How much exercise does Maltipoos require daily?

Maltipoos are one of the cutest, most loving forms of lapdogs, but all that cuteness shouldn’t come at the expense of their health. Keeping your Maltipoo healthy and happy necessitates giving him/her enough daily exercise. 

As these dogs aren’t overly energetic and don’t need an excessive amount of physical activity, a 30 to 45-minute walk or playtime per day should be plenty. 

However, it’d also be great to engage them in various mental activities like teaching them new tricks or games like hide-and-seek to give their little minds a workout too! Ultimately, taking your Maltipoo out for walks and playing with them regularly will ensure they’re receiving plenty of both physical and mental exercise.

What is the average distance for a Maltipoo walk?

The average distance for a Maltipoo walk is typically anywhere from one to two miles. However, this can vary depending on a dog’s age, size, and level of fitness. 

A young and healthy adult Maltipoo might be up to tackling two miles on their walk, while a senior pup might require far less exercise and only need to go out for a few hundred yards. 

Therefore, rather than relying on the average distance, it’s important to consider what kind of activity best suits your particular pup. As all dogs have different needs, there is no one-size-fits-all answer; however, making sure they get enough but not too much exercise is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy.

Can Maltipoos get enough exercise without walking?

Maltipoos are an active breed of dog, and the best way for them to get their exercise is by going on walks. That said, you can still find ways to keep your pup entertained indoors if you are unable to take them for a stroll. 

These fluffy little dogs have plenty of energy which can be directed towards interactive play like fetch or tug-of-war. Try placing a doggy treadmill indoors as well for some more intense exercise that won’t have you leaving the house! Just make sure that your pup is supervised at all times whenever they use it.

Is it okay to let a Maltipoo run off-leash?

While Maltipoos are known for being small, smart, and low-maintenance lap dogs, they do need fresh air and playtime just like any other dog. Allowing your Maltipoo to run off-leash can be a great way to tire them out and also allow them free reign to explore the outdoors. 

You must make sure first that any environment you take them to is both secure and pet-friendly; it’s also beneficial to teach your pup basic commands so should the need arise you have some control over them. 

Of course, due to their diminutive size, individuals with malicious intentions may view your pooch as an easy target which is why it’s always recommended to walk with a partner or in a group when possible. 

Even spending time in a well-managed enclosed area such as doggie parks or open fields is a fantastic option for letting Fluffy have some fun in the sun.

How long should you wait to walk a Maltipoo after eating?

When it comes to our furry friends, we always want to make sure that their health and safety are our number one priority. After a Maltipoo eats a meal, most experts suggest waiting around 30 minutes to an hour before going for a walk. 

This is because eating should ideally be followed by rest rather than a physical activity which could put stress on the pup’s digestive system. Keeping this caution in mind when timing walks can help ensure your Maltipoo’s overall well-being.

How can you tell if your Maltipoo needs more exercise?

Many of us don’t realize that our fur babies need exercise just as much as we do; otherwise, they can become bad at obeying commands, acting out, and not wanting to socialize with people or other pets. 

Thankfully, there are some signs we can look out for to tell if our Maltipoos are getting enough exercise. These signs include a decrease in energy levels – both physically and mentally – which could mean it’s time to ramp up your dog’s activity by going for long walks or playing more fetch. 

You may also start to notice the excessive barking and chewing from your pup which can indicate he or she is feeling stressed from a lack of stimulation. Furthermore, usually after exercise sessions there should be an improvement in behavior patterns such as being calmer, better obedience, and improved responsiveness around the house. 

That being said, it pays off to recognize when your little one might need some added physical activity so they can stay healthy and happy!

What are some indoor exercise options for Maltipoos?

Finding time to stay active can be a challenge when you own a Maltipoo, but with just a few creative modifications and the right equipment, you can bring your workout indoors without ever having to leave home. 

Consider getting your pup their little treadmill – like a miniature version of the humans’ – which can help them keep up with their daily cardio goals while staying safe and sound inside. 

Alternatively, hide treats around the house and play fetch with them, or build agility obstacles they’ll need to jump over to retrieve the rewards. Not only will it burn calories, but it’ll also help improve their coordination and focus!


As we can see, keeping Maltipoo healthy and happy means providing them with proper exercise. While this may seem daunting for many potential owners, it’s important to remember that all breeds – even the tiny ones – need exercise to stay healthy and content. Maltipoos are particularly easy to exercise due to their moderate activity level and low-maintenance needs. With short walks two or three times a day and some playtime sprinkled in, these fluffy friends will be sure to live a long, full life.

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