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Are you the proud owner of a maltipoo and wondering how to successfully crate train them? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether your maltipoo is a puppy or an adult dog, crate training can have numerous benefits for both pets and pet owners. Crate training is not only known to help with housebreaking and obedience, but studies have also shown that it can provide your pup with a safe space all its own in times of stress.

What is the best way to crate train a Maltipoo?

Crate training a Maltipoo can sometimes seem daunting, but with the right methods and dedication you’ll soon find that your pup has mastered the skill! To get started, pick out a crate that’s comfortable for your puppy. 

Get them used to it by playing games in it like putting treats inside and letting them roam free to reach them. Once the pup is familiar with its environment, you can start introducing him/her to staying inside while you’re away. 

As they get used to spending time on their own, reward them with treats and praise when they come out – this way they’ll learn to associate good things with being inside! It can be tricky at times trying to teach your pup proper crate training habits but with some patience and love your Maltipoo will soon master it!

How can you get a Maltipoo to like its crate?

Getting a Maltipoo to like their crate can be an arduous task, but with patience, treats, and lots of praise, it’s possible to make them feel safe and secure in their crate. 

Before using the crate, take your Maltipoo around it while praising and feeding treats so they associate the crate with positive reinforcement. Once your pup feels comfortable around the crate, put them inside for a few minutes each day and gradually increase that time as they become more accustomed to it. 

This is also a great opportunity for them to learn commands; for example, once inside their crate offer a treat if they sit or lie down. Always use short bursts of positive reinforcement when teaching new commands; this will help them build confidence and be more relaxed in unfamiliar spaces. With consistency and understanding you can get your Maltipoo to love their crate!

Can you crate-train a Maltipoo with separation anxiety?

Crate training a Maltipoo with separation anxiety can seem overwhelming, and it indeed requires patience and understanding before you can expect to see results. 

However, done correctly and systematically, crate training can be a beneficial experience for a Maltipoo with separation anxiety. While introducing the crate, make sure to create a positive environment in which the pet associates the crate with safety and security. 

Allow your pup to explore the crate on their terms, rewarding them for steps taken towards a more comfortable enclosure. Gradual introductions should be used until your pup is fully using its crate without stress or hesitation. 

Ultimately, crate training provides Maltipoos suffering from anxiety with necessary moments of peace away from stressful situations. By reinforcing positive experiences inside the crate paired with treats or rewards, both you and your pup have something to look forward to in this journey!

What should you do if your Maltipoo cries in the crate?

If your Maltipoo cries in the crate, it can be a stressful experience. The key to helping them is patience and consistency. Start by giving them something comforting to help make the crate more tranquil, like blankets or toys. 

Before placing them in the crate, give them positive reinforcement such as verbal praise and pats on the head to create a soothing atmosphere. Next, keep their crate time short and sweet so they don’t become stressed out. 

Finally, if they start whimpering during the night, you should check on them immediately and then either engage with them or settle them down depending on the circumstance. With a bit of work and patience, your Maltipoo will be happier and more comfortable in their new home away from home soon enough.

Is it okay to leave a Maltipoo in the crate while at work?

Considering Maltipoo has so much energy, it is often suggested to give them plenty of exercises, both physically and mentally. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to leave your Maltipoo in the crate while at work, it is important to recognize that their mental stimulation needs must be met too. 

It’s okay to leave them in the crate occasionally, but make sure you provide them with enough toys or activities for them to keep entertained and engaged. Enrichment helps alleviate boredom and keeps their little minds occupied until you come home. 

Additionally, don’t forget to play with your dog when you come home – extra time outside after being in a crate all day is a great way for your pup to have fun and let off some steam!

How do you choose the right size crate for a Maltipoo?

To ensure your Maltipoo is comfortable in its new home, selecting the proper crate size is essential. To determine the ideal size, you should measure your pup from its nose to its tail tip, and then add 4-6 inches for wiggle room. 

It’s important not to underestimate the amount of space needed – too much extra space is much better than a tight fit that may cause stress and anxiety. The crate should be tall enough for them to stand up without having to duck down, and wide enough to lie down comfortably without crunching. 

Also, make sure it’s well-ventilated so there’s plenty of airflow! Finally, if you opt for a plastic crate, keep an eye out for sharp edges – round corners are best. With these key measurements in mind, you can buy with confidence knowing your Maltipoo will have a comfy place to retreat!


Crate training a Maltipoo is a great way to ensure a happy and healthy pup that knows the house rules. You can’t expect your canine companion to behave, though, without some boundaries or consistency in their environment. By following the tips mentioned above – starting small, engaging playtime with other animals they know and trust, giving plenty of treats, and understanding your pup’s behavior – any pet owner should be able to successfully crate train their Maltipoo.

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