Maltese Poodle Chihuahua Mix

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

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The Maltese Poodle and Chihuahua mix are popular designer dogs that are known for being a small dog breed and cute appearance. This breed is a mix of the Maltese, Poodle, and Chihuahua, and is usually between 6 and 8 inches tall at the shoulder.

This designer dog breed typically weighs between 4 and 8 pounds. Maltese Chihuahua mix has a coat that is usually white or cream-colored, and they may have some markings on their face or body.

These dogs are gentle and loving, and they make great companion dogs. They are also intelligent and usually have a healthy life.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

What is Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix?

The Chihuahua Malti-poo mixes are very new breeds which makes it hard to track their roots from their origins. But the history of Chihuahua and Maltipoo should tell you the way this species was created. Malchipoos Chihuahua parents are perhaps the smallest among all breeds.

Aside from being among the oldest canines, their family was in the pre-Columbian period. According to Chihuahua clubs of the United States, the breed came from Mexico. The Chihuahuan descended from the former extinction breed called “Techichi”. In 1904 AKC only acknowledged Chihuahuas in its official database.

Maltese And Chihuahua Mix Information

This Maltese chihuahua mix combines Maltese sweet affection and a friendly spirit with the confidence of Chihuahuas. Chihuahua mixes are toy dogs that are largely influenced by their size and colors because the dog varies.

There are no kennels certifying their separate breeds and are provided certificates of registry for the purposes of identifying the ancestors. The Maltese Chihuahua mix has very different temperaments and personality characteristics. Chihuahuas differ significantly in that their lives are lively, and Maltese are sweet, temperate, and gentle.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Maltipoo-Chihuahua Appearance

Who can believe that by mixing Poodle, Maltese, or Chihuahua genes one could create such a cute mix? A typical Maltipoo-Chihuahua mix is a tiny dog with a body weight between 5 and 8 pounds and is 6 to 14 inches tall on its shoulders.

It may be short, medium, or long, according to the puppy’s father, and sometimes it can be coarse or soft. The color also varies according to the parents’ breed, the most commonly used colors being brown, white, and bicolor.

More About The Dog’s Appearance

They are also possible in two color combinations. They have different-sized tails. They have big round eyes as well as black noses.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Maltese Chihuahua Mix Temperament

We know each Maltese chihuahua mix puppy inherits the traits of its parent breeds differently. By examining the parent’s genes, we get an accurate but incomplete view of the behavior of a Maltese Chihuahua mix.

Chihuahua has huge personality. These are usually sassy but temperamental. It can be noisy at times in the home. When someone is genuinely interested, they can be hilarious and tempers can be in control.

Proper training methods exploit their bold nature bringing confidence in the adult dog. The Chihuahua is a breed of animal that has a strong attachment towards its parents, especially their owners. They have great personalities and are always with you.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Difficulties In Training Maltese Chihuahua Mix

Maltese Chihuahua Mix is a very popular breed of dogs. They are known to be very playful and energetic. Maltese Chihuahua Mixes are also known to be very friendly and loving.

However, Maltese poodle chihuahua mixes can resort to excessive barking, and they may be difficult to housebreak. This is because Maltese Chihuahua Mixes are very independent and stubborn.

Maltese Chihuahua Mixes are also very active, which can make training them very difficult. They shouldn’t be handled by small children.

They do not respond well to harsh commands or punishment. Maltese Chihuahua Mixes need a lot of patience and consistency when being trained.

Maltese Chihuahua And Positive Reinforcement

These dogs are also known to be very food-motivated, so using treats as rewards during training is often necessary. Maltese Chihuahua Mixes need positive reinforcement and patience.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Separation Anxiety

Maltese Chihuahua Mixes are prone to separation anxiety. This means that they may become destructive or anxious when left alone for long periods of time. It is important to provide your Maltese Chihuahua Mix with plenty of attention and exercise to prevent this from happening.

With patience and perseverance, however, Maltese Chihuahua Mixes can be trained to do just about anything. Overall, this sweet dog is a good choice for people who are looking for a small, affectionate companion dog.

Do Maltese And Chihuahua Mix Make Great Family Pets?

The Maltese / Chihuahua Mix is probably not suited for families with small kids. Children playing in a household could also hurt the dog by rough handling and accidentally dropping it to a surface. Maltese and Chihuahua mix dogs could soon start acting aggressively.

These generally appeal to families with older dogs or older children where they find it quieter with no loud voice and less noise in the house. Mal-chi mixes prefer that they are the only pets at home. It wants attention so other animals can easily upset it or cause it to snap.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Caring For A Maltipoo Chihuahua

Caring for a Maltipoo Chihuahua is not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these dogs need plenty of exercises. They are very active and need at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. A walk around the block is not enough – they need to run and play.

Second, they are very intelligent and need to be kept mentally stimulated. This can be done with activities such as puzzle toys, training, and socialization. Pet lovers who are active themselves will find Maltese-Chihuahua as excellent family dogs.

Third, they are very small dogs and can be easily injured. Be careful when handling them and always use a seat belt when riding in the car.

Lastly, they are prone to dental problems so regular teeth brushing is essential. The grooming requirements for this designer breed are not difficult if you keep these things in mind.

maltese poodle chihuahua mix

Grooming and Shedding

It varies according to the fur’s weight. Your dog will have to be brushed twice daily for better grooming. Mal-chis with shorter hair need to get regular brushing at least once or twice weekly.

Places To Find Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Puppies For Sale And Adoption

Finding a reputable breeder that breeds good Maltese Chihuahua mixes can be overwhelming. It’s impossible that you can determine the reliable ones from the bad ones in the designer dog.

Remember though it might be tempting to shop for the mixed breed at dog shops or backyard breeding companies with low-cost pups, that doesn’t make for a good investment. It’s easy for a breeder to scam with illegal breeding practices.

There are a number of authentic online ads that will help you search for Maltipoo puppies for sale. You can also ask around at pet stores.

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