Maltipoo F1 and F2 (What’s the Difference)

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Do you love Maltipoos? They are one of the most popular hybrid dogs, but did you know there’s more than one type? F1 and F2 Maltipoos are the two main types, but what’s the difference between them? Keep reading to find out!

What is the difference between 1st generation Maltipoo and 2nd generation?

When it comes to Maltipoo puppies, the first thing to understand is that there’s a distinction between the first and second generations. First-generation Maltipoos are a cross between a purebred Toy Poodle and a Purebred Maltese. The result is a pup genetically 50% Toy Poodle and 50% Maltese. Second-generation Maltipoos, on the other hand, are crossbred from two first-generation Maltipoos.

This means that those puppies have 25% Toy Poodle, and 25% Maltese, with the remaining 50 % often deriving from their first-generation parents. Any prospective puppy parent needs to know the difference when it comes to picking out their new pooch!

What are the different types of Maltipoo coats?

Maltipoos are a popular breed of designer dog, made up of a mix between a Maltese and Poodle. As a result, they often display characteristics of both parent breeds, including their unique and beautiful coats. These coats can vary significantly in texture and color, as mismatched genes from each breed combine to create drastically different-looking dogs. Solid-colored coats are the most common with black being the most popular choice followed by white and cream.

Some Maltipoos may however display two or three different colors such as black and white or black and grey, giving them an extra special look. Other coats involve patterns such as merle patches, swirls, or spots; these adorable pups love to show off their good looks! Ultimately, no matter what your pup’s coat might look like, it’s sure to bring out its natural charm.

How do I choose an F1 and F2 Maltipoo puppy?

Choosing an F1 or F2 Maltipoo puppy can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. First, research the characteristics of each type of Maltipoo to determine which one better fits your lifestyle. The F1 Maltipoo (first generation) is 50% Poodle and 50% Toy or Miniature Poodle and tends to have hypoallergenic qualities with a consistent coat texture, while an F2 hybrid (second generation) is crossed between two already established Maltipoos and has completely unpredictable characteristics.

If you’re looking for a certain look, such as color selection, consider all options from both generations, as hybrid vigor can pass through all generations. Be sure to find a reputable breeder, visit the litter in person, and ask questions about the parents’ ancestry- this will help ensure that you get the healthiest puppy and make sure it is indeed a true F1 or F2 Maltipoo.

What’s an F1 Maltipoo?

An F1 Maltipoo is the first generation of crossbreeds between a Maltese and a Poodle. This type of pup generally shows the most physical and temperamental traits from both parent breeds, allowing pet owners to get the best features of each in one dog. F1 Maltipoos can come in all sorts of colors, depending upon their parents’ coat colors.

These pups are also typically very low-shedding and hypoallergenic thanks to their non-shedding Poodle parent. Besides being excellent house pets, F1 Maltipoos are intelligent, have terrific personalities, and make great companions – so it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular!

What is F2 Maltipoo?

The F2 Maltipoo, also known as the second-generation Maltipoo, is a stunning hybrid breed created by crossing two Toy Poodle parents. F2 does not refer to the type of cross but rather the generations since its initial creation – essentially, it is any combination of a parent from the first generation (either an F1 or an F1B) and a purebred Toy Poodle.

These delightful fur babies make amazing household pets due to their incredibly affectionate natures and friendly dispositions, not to mention that their hypoallergenic coats and snuggly size make them perfect for cuddles! If you are looking for a cuddly canine companion, then the F2 Maltipoo may well be the pup of your dreams!


So, now you know the difference between an F1 and F2 Maltipoo. The biggest differences are going to be size and weight as well as coat type and Shedding. But ultimately, it comes down to what YOU want in a dog. Do you want a low-maintenance hypoallergenic pup or one that will require a little more grooming? Both types make great pets so it just comes down to personal preference! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped clear things up for you.

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