Red Maltipoos vs White Maltipoos (What’s the Difference)?

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Maltipoos are a popular hybrid breed of dog, created by crossing the Maltese and Poodle. These dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to their affectionate nature and hypoallergenic coats.

One common question among potential owners is whether there is a difference between red maltipoos and white Maltipoo.

Although both colors are officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), some minor differences set them apart.

Red maltipoos typically have softer coats than white Maltipoo, which tend to be curlier and more coarse. The lighter-colored hair often requires frequent brushing to avoid mats or tangles.

Although this extra effort may be necessary, many people find that the unique texture of white maltipoos gives them added character and charm.

Red maltipoos tend to be a bit more vocal than their white counterparts, which can make them quite entertaining. They are also known to be more social and outgoing, while white maltipoos may be more laid back and reserved.

In terms of personality traits, both red and white maltipoos share similar characteristics, including intelligence, loyalty, and an eagerness to please.

When it comes to grooming requirements, both red and white maltipoos need regular brushing sessions (at least once per week) to keep their coats healthy.

Depending on the individual dog’s coat type, additional grooming such as trimming or styling may also be necessary. As with any pet, it’s essential to find a grooming routine that works best for you and your Maltipoo.

Ultimately, the decision between purchasing a red or white Maltipoo is largely up to each owner. Both colors are equally endearing and have their unique benefits.

Regardless of coat color, every Maltipoo will require attention, time, and love to lead a happy life. With proper care and nutrition, these adorable hybrid dogs can be ideal companions for years to come!

Can you breed two Maltipoos?

Yes, but the result will be a much more diluted coat color. Maltipoos are not hypoallergenic, but breeders can breed them to be hypoallergenic.

This means that they’re not likely to trigger allergies in other dogs or people without multiple coat colors.

However, it doesn’t mean you can always get your desired results with simple breeding.

Maltipoos have had numerous litters with varying degrees of success and sometimes only one or two of the puppies in the litter turned out to be the color you want.

So keep this in mind before you start trying to find a specific color for your new pup!

Are male or female Maltipoos better?

Studies have shown that males tend to be more dominant, but females are often more social and affectionate.

Maltipoos are generally a bit more vocal than other dogs, but it’s not always easy to tell if your Maltipoo is male or female. However, having a male Maltipoo is better for households with children because males tend to be less aggressive than females.

Maltipoos also have a shorter lifespan than many other breeds of dogs. The Maltese breed’s average is about 12 years, while the Maltipoo’s average life span is around 9-10 years.

How much is a white Maltipoo worth?

The price for a white Maltipoo will depend on the breeder and the quality of your dog. Some breeders charge a higher price tag for a white Maltipoo because they are considered more difficult to breed.

Others may cost less because of the expense involved in breeding this color. The average price is around $600-800, but some specialty breeders may be able to provide one for as low as $300 or so.

What is the rarest Maltipoo color?

The rarest Maltipoo color is the silver coat. While some Maltipoos can have a silver coat, it’s most often seen in white Maltipoos.

It’s not clear why the silver coat appears so rarely in this breed, but there are theories.

One theory is that the silver color was bred out of maltipoos because many people love to see their dogs in white and black.

Another theory is that it may be related to a genetic mutation that caused an unusual amount of melanin production in the hair cells.

The silver coat is only found on white Maltipoos and has no significance beyond having it as a coat color option for your pet. The same goes for any other rare or unusual color variation you might see on your pet; they’re just variations of what’s already there.


When deciding between a red or white Maltipoo, it comes down to personal preference. Both of these coat colors are beautiful and will be sure to bring much joy into your life.

No matter which color you choose, make sure that you’re ready to dedicate time and effort to taking care of them properly – from grooming sessions to daily walks.

With the right amount of love and attention, both red and white maltipoos can be wonderful family members for years to come!

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